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Seeking to tear down my own barriers, those that blind me to experience life

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accepting what changes in life

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Leaving free what I want to own



Web Art Hosting

I offer my skills as a web designer for people and companies committed to creating a better world. If you want a legacy that will endure and reinforce a new world, then I will creatively help you present your thoughts and imagination of aspirations so that you can achieve it with a captivating and interactive web presence.


Weaving intercultural and diverse strings of communication through translations by someone that have lived, worked, and studied across the American continent.

Graphic and Digital Publishing

I dedicate my graphic design skills to help you create educational materials for improving intercultural exchanges of knowledge and ideas through a  participatory and collaborative channel of communication. 


Consulting and Trainings

Experienced in social development across the American continent, I offer my services in Trainings and Consultation for projects and programs dedicated to social and ecologically sustainable development.

Massage Therapist

Therapeutic and Compassionate Touch

  • Deep Tissue
  • Energy Healing
  • Geriatric Massage

FL LMT MA88621

American Massage Therapy Association
Exploring and advancing ...

I can not stop exploring, imagining, and moving forward. I'm sure I do not have a quiet mind or a quiet spirit. I am self motivated, with my own energy that emerges from being.